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Welcome to the Deep Writing Prompts Generator, our hard working little app for generating deep journal prompts, deep poetry prompts, and deep creative writing prompts if and when you need them.

A little like an oracle and sort of like a game, you’ll delve into hundreds of personal and philosophical writing prompts aimed at challenging your thinking, self-concept, and possibly your writing.

The Deep Writing Prompts Generator is easy to use – just click the “Get Prompts” button and a writing prompt appears. Need inspiration? Click for a prompt. A new idea? Click for a prompt. A nudge in a different direction? Click for a prompt. Anytime in fact you’re looking for a few good deep writing prompts about life – you click. And our little monkey mascot will do his best to find something deep for you to write about.

You’ll see that there are two kinds of prompts:

  • Self-Discovery Prompts that ask deep questions about your life: Your hopes, memories, plans, values, and choices.
  • Idea Prompts that ask deep questions about your beliefs, ethics, personal opinions, and personal philosophy.

Now, not every prompt will apply directly to your life, and not every one will seem “deep” to you. That’s just sort of the nature of ideas, writing, and individual opinion. But if deep is what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find more than a few real gems.

And a hint: To get the most out of the tool, consider evaluating each prompt thoughtfully before clicking onto the next. Because no prompt is going to seem very deep if you’re not willing to give it a bit of thought.

If you like our deep writing prompts, you may like some of our other writing prompt generators too – the Mindfulness Journal Prompts Generator, and the Journal Prompts for Self Discovery Generator.


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