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Gratitude Journal Prompts Generator

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The Gratitude Journal Prompts Generator is our happy little app for sparking gratitude journal ideas when you need them. It won’t magically write your journal entries for you, but can remind you of hundreds of little things that are truly wonderful in this world.

(Looking for the Gratitude Prompts for Kids? Generator? Click here!)

To leave you plenty of room to interpret and expand on gratitude in your own way, we reduced the language of our gratitude prompts to a simple question:

The question of “What’s great about things?”

“What’s great about summer barbecues?”

“What’s great about giving back?”

“What’s great about old and cherished friends?”

Like that. Because while I may love summer barbecues for all the great food, you may love them for the close family and friends.

And while it’s absolutely fine to use the gratitude topics exactly as they appear, you may find that you get more out of them by playing with them a little. Letting your imagination wander with them a little.


  • What’s great about all summer barbecues… to the one where you met your husband.
  • What’s great about giving back in general… to that one generous act that forever changed you.
  • What’s great about all old and cherished friends… to a particular friend who has loved you like no one else.

To use the Gratitude Journal Prompts Generator, click the “Prompts” button, and take a moment to read the gratitude prompt that appears. If it sparks a gratitude journal idea for you, begin writing. If not, just click again. Then be sure to come back tomorrow for even more to be grateful for!

Have gratitude journal ideas you think we should know about? Send us an email. And for children, don’t miss Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids!



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