Gratitude Journal Prompts For Kids

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Why teach kids gratitude? Because gratitude can make them better people – people who are kinder, more thoughtful, more engaged, and more self-aware.

If that’s not enough, gratitude may make them more successful, too. Grateful people are happier, experience less stress, suffer less depression, have better impulse control, and are more liked by others. Put simply, it’s a good thing to teach children gratitude.

Enter the Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids Generator, our joyful little app for generating gratitude prompts for children. Fun in the way that opening up a fortune cookie is fun and filled with hundreds of thought-provoking prompts, kids will never be at a loss for exciting, interesting gratitude journal ideas for school, at home – or anytime they’re feeling a little low.

Even for very young children, The Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids Generator is easy to use.

When you click the “Get Prompts” button a “What’s great about (something)” prompt appears:

What’s great about dragons?

What’s great about sock monkeys?

What’s great about playing tricks on your dad?

The idea is to provide kids with a wealth of wonderful ideas to trigger their own grateful feelings, and do it in a way (with “what’s great”) they can also explore their own reasons why (because I can draw great dragons, because dragons are really cute, because I feel like a dragon sometimes…).

With the Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids Generator, kids will find plenty to feel grateful for and to write about. And as you see the looks on their faces, you may find yourself feeling pretty grateful too. As we see it, there’s a whole world of things to be grateful for. And you’ll find lots of them right here.

Have any gratitude journal ideas for kids you think we should know about? Send us an email! And for lots more thankfulness, don’t miss the adult version of the app, Gratitude Journal Prompts.


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