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Journaling Prompts For Mental Health


Feeling low, stressed, anxious, or confused? Journaling may help. Its therapeutic benefits are well-documented, and as a tool for chronicling, probing, and reflecting on issues that trouble us, nothing else comes close to what a personal journal can provide.

But why prompts?

Because like other kinds of journaling, therapeutic journaling benefits from fresh ideas. Which is what the many journaling prompts for mental health across the site are meant to provide you with. Delivered through little push-button apps – our mental health prompts generators.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The Self-Love Journal Prompts Generator, with prompts that suggest not only topics to write about but healthy ways to frame your thoughts and feelings. Example: “What does the part of you that knows you’re a good person, want you to do right now?”
  • The Gratitude Journal Prompts Generator, which is there to remind you of a world worth being in. Example: ” What’s great about… Warm summer rain?”
  • The Journal Prompts For Depression Generator, which isn’t meant to be therapy, but offers hundreds of alternatives to feeling bad, with gratitude prompts and positive activities to do and write about.
  • The Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator, which suggests healthy frameworks for expressing and exploring anxious thoughts and feelings. Example: “Begin writing with the words: “I can think different thoughts if I want to.”
  • The Positive Journal Prompts Generator, which offers hundreds of journal prompts for positive thinking.
  • The Journaling Prompts for Self-Esteem Generator, which offers prompts that help you reflect on what’s good and worthwhile about yourself, along with positive affirmation prompts to help you frame your journal entries in a positive way.

Will our journaling prompts for mental health be helpful for you? We hope so. And if you need more, just let us know.



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