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Welcome to the Mindfulness Journal Prompts Generator, a meditative and helpful little app for generating mindfulness writing prompts when you want them.

Easy to use and honestly, sort of fun, it pulls from tons of mindfulness journaling exercises served up individually each time you click the “Get Prompts” button.

Like mindfulness itself though, it’s also serious in what it’s supposed to do. And works best when used slowly, thoughtfully, and with the understanding that you’re the one doing most of the heavy lifting.

There are five tabs to choose from, each of which generates a different type of prompt.

There are:

  • Gratitude Journal Prompts which offers hundreds of reminders of “What’s great about” the world. The idea isn’t to tell you what to journal or how, but to inspire your own ideas with ours – of the many wonderful things to feel grateful for.
  • Intention Journal Prompts which offers hundreds of mindfulness journal prompts around the goal of setting purposeful intentions. With simple prompts like “Set an Intention of Trust” and “Set an Intention of Appreciation,” the idea is to either work with the first prompt our monkey mascot gives you (using the app like an oracle or a game), or to click until you find an intention that situationally fits your needs.
  • Mindful Habit Prompts offers scores of mindfulness writing prompts around habits that support mindfulness in everyday life. Prompts like “Did you show appreciation toward others today?” and “Did you take a break in nature today?” are useful for reminding you of mindful practices that you can implement (and journal about) throughout the day.
  • Self-Reflection Prompts offers hundreds of mindfulness journaling exercises for unpacking and reflecting on recent meaningful “moments” of your life. With prompts like “Describe a recent moment of conflict,” and “Describe a recent moment of happiness,” you’re asked to tell yourself your own recent story, and are offered a suggestion (which is just a suggestion) to treat each journal entry like a meditation, mindfully letting it go when you are done.
  • Body Scan Prompts offers a small number of prompts to do a body scan meditation when you want to. With prompts like “Notice your toes. What sensation do you feel?” you may or may not want to write a journal entry, but it’s a helpful mindfulness reminder aimed at giving you a bit of random practice you can return to throughout the day.

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