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Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator

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The Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator is our serious little tool for generating journaling prompts for anxiety.

It’s not a therapy or a treatment, and beyond potentially helping you to journal more resourcefully, we don’t claim that it will help you.

What the app does do is translate certain Mindfulness/Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) coping strategies into positive, loving, and forgiving writing exercises for anxiety.

The idea isn’t to change the way you journal, but to use the Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator for positive guided journal prompts when you think they might be helpful.

At the end of a very bad day for example, you might sit down to do a “brain dump” (pouring out everything you’re thinking), but decide to use the app instead.

Clicking the “Get Prompts” button may return this random prompt:

“Begin writing with the words: ‘I’m strong and I can deal with this.’”

Your task would be to go ahead and do your brain dump, but to frame it around the substance of the prompt. In this case, you’d acknowledge that despite the pain, you’re strong enough to handle whatever happened to you that day.

Another random prompt might be:

“What would you write if you finished your thoughts with ‘So what?’”

With this prompt, your task would be to express whatever difficult thoughts you needed to express, but to finish (the journal entry, every paragraph, or every sentence if you want to) with the words “So what?“: The empowering choice to simply not care.

So, did we create these ideas? Nope. The pros did. We just turned them into journal prompts.

And while we need to be totally clear that we don’t have a solution for you, we do hope from the bottom of our hearts that the journaling prompts for anxiety we offer here make a difference in your life.

Instructions: To use the Anxiety Journal Prompts generator, just click the “Prompts” button before you write and consider the prompt that appears. If it speaks in any way to what you’re feeling, use it as a framework for exploring your thoughts. If not, just click for another prompt.

If you like what anxiety prompts do for you, consider buying and using the books we used in our research, “Free Yourself From Anxiety,” “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook,” and “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.” Also consider seeing a professional in anxiety disorders who can develop a plan to help you. There are useful therapies out there. You don’t have to live with anxiety.



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